CarKleans - GEL IRON FALLOUT REMOVER pH7 - 500ml


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Neutral Iron Fallout Remover / Wheel Cleaner

Removes brake dust, volatile rust and other metallic contaminants from rims and paintwork.  Lasts longer on the surface thanks to gel consistency. Safe for paint and all kinds of rims incl. lacquered, chromed, polished, etc.  Neutral pH.

pH: 7 - Neutral

Capacity:  500ml


  • 1. Spray directly onto the surface, covering it completely.
  • 2. Leave to react (1 - 2 minutes ) 
  •     Bloody Wheel can even work for up to 20 mins on the surface - but make sure NOT to let it dry.
  • 3. Agitate surface with a brush or a sponge.
  • 4. Rinse thoroughly under pressure.
  • 5. Repeat steps 1- 4 if necessary.

Attention :


Do not apply in direct sunlight or on to hot surfaces.

Do not allow to dry.

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