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Christmas Gift Box - DETAILER

DETAILER set of car care cosmetics is a great Christmas gift idea its not only elegant, but also practical. DETAILER Set contains 5 bottles:


  • CAR SHAMPOO - Delicate shampoo designed for manual washing. Creates thick foam. Effectively removes dirt and does not leave any stains. Provides super gloss effect and excellently removes insects.
  • BLEEDING RIM - Innovative and professional product designed for cleaning rims from stubborn metallic dirt, rust and brake dust. Its name come from the red color that is created when the product comes into contact with dirt. It clearly shows how much dirt has accumulated on the wheel rim. Product has a gel consistency and it is so thick that it easily penetrates the whole surface of the wheel rim while slowly streaming down through it. Product may be used for cleaning aluminium, chrome and enameled wheel rims. 
  • MATTE COCKPIT - Perfect for daily care of plastic surfaces inside vehicles. Removes slight dirt and creates matt and antistatic layer that protects the surface. Refreshes colour and provides additional satin effect.
    Available in 4 pleasant scents: Classic, Alure, Crazy Strawberry, Vanilla. If none is specified at the checkout, scent will be sent at random.
  • CLEAN GLASS - Designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, headlights and sunroofs. Easy to use, does not leave any stains or light reflections.
  • QUICK SHINE - Designed to use after washing. Quick Shine provides gloss finish to car paint and removes various stains of organic origin from windows and car body. Fills micro-scratches on the car paint and protects it from UV rays. Harmless to waxes and other protective coatings.


The kits consist of 4 x 0.6L bottles + 1 x 0.7L bottle packed in elegant cardboard Christmas box with wood wool filling.

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