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Christmas Gift Box - CERAMIC COATINGS

CERAMIC COATINGS set is a great Christmas gift idea for someone that was looking to get his car ceramic coated / protected. This set contains 4 sets to give your vehicle FULL protection.

  • Gx - GLASS COATING - CERAMIC QUARTZ - Invisible wiper ideal for glass surfaces: windows, mirrors and glass.Nano-ceramic coating providing long-lasting protection, clear vision and spectacular hydrophobic effect to windscreen and other glass surfaces. Gx is very easy to apply thanks to comfortable trigger/spray.
  • R1 - RIM COATING - CERAMIC QUARTZ - Nano-ceramic coating for rims. Dedicated for chrome, aluminum and paint-coated rims. Super hydrophobic effect and protection from water, dust, salt and UV-rays. Increased protection against scratches. Extra hard ceramic self-cleaning rims’ protection. Its also resistant to high temperatures created during braking. It gives a superb hydrophobic effect that lasts for months.
  • Q7 - Paint PROTECTION - CERAMIC QUARTZ - Super hydrophobic crystal gloss permanent quartz paint coating. Well-known ceramic coating applied successfully on thousands of cars around the world. It’s nano particles create hydrophobic, durable and a high gloss protection layer.
  • Q10 - Paint PROTECTION - CERAMIC QUARTZ - Extra hydrophobic permanent on top quartz paint coating. Advanced ceramic paint protection that combines hardness, flexibility, and a high-gloss effect. Thanks to its structure Q10 is even more damage-resistant than Q7.
  • For best results apply 2 coats of Q7 then follow with a coat od Q10.


The kits consist of 4 boxes for FULL Ceramic Protection to your vehicle. Each box contains necessary applicators / microfibre towels to complete application process.

Everything is neatly packed in elegant cardboard Christmas box with wood wool filling.

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