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Mitt with a polymer layer replacing a traditional clay bar. Easily removes tar, resin, asphalt, bug remains and other persistent residues. ADBL CLAY MITT advantage compared to traditional clay is its trouble-free and time saving use. ADBL CLAY MITT is much more efficient than a traditional clay.

  • Wash thoroughly (“withtwo buckets”) and rinse the car without drying it.
  • Put on the ADBL CLAY GLIDE panel in an amount that enables satisfactory and comfortable work.
  • Move ADBL CLAY MITT over the paintwork and glass panes with transverse and longitudinal movements without excessive pressure.
  • Rinse ADBL CLAY MITT regularly in water to avoid accidentally scratching the paintwork. Work panel by panel until smooth varnish is achieved. Wash the car again and dry it.
  • Rinse ADBL CLAY MITT thoroughly in water, dry and store in a suitable packaging

Additional Information :

If the vehicle undergoes a comprehensive paint cleaning process for the first time, use ADBL TAR AND GLUE REMOVER and ADBL VAMPIRE LIQUID before using ADBL CLAY MITT. Never use ADBL CLAY MITT in conjunction with solvent based products (e.g. tar removers) as this will destroy it. Do not expose ADBL CLAY MITT to temperatures above 40 ° C.

Dimensions: 18 cm x 15 cm


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